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Worthington’s Law: More Money = Better Than

Gosh, I’m glad our society is guided by the invisible hand of Worthington’s Law: Anyone who makes more money than you is better than you, and is therefore beyond criticism. This makes is so easy to judge my self-worth, and the worth of other people!


Stone Temple Pilots in Manila

Stone Temple Pilots brought down the house last night! Although I did notice a few things:

1. Scott Weiland dances like Christopher Walken and dresses like a French Pirate. Also, I think he smoked a Geoffrey before the set.
2. There were a lot of people there who only knew Plush and Interstate Love Song. You could tell who they were because they would sit down and text during the lesser-known songs like Dead and Bloated or Big Empty. A few middle-aged rich dudes and their dates started leaving the place after Interstate Love Song.
3. I actually like STP more than I like to admit. I think I try to downplay my STP love out of a sense of loyalty for Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. I still ended up losing my mind and singing along though.
4. Sinosikat’s set was solid, and I enjoyed their performance a lot, but it was a little out of place. Still, I do like me some belly button.
5. The newer songs sounded like STP but lacked… something. A friend of mine called it “substantial compliance”, as if their label forced them to include the newer songs in their set and they were just slogging through them.

Other than that, STP rocked Manila! I just wish I was seated in the VIP section so I could have grabbed some STP swag. Or Scott Weiland’s pink frilly scarf.

(I apologize for the audio quality. iPod Touch mic not designed to handle that level of AWESOME.)

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